Enertec is the preferred developer for innovative medical devices
and turnkey solutions across the healthcare industry.

Enertec has an outstanding record of excellence in the medical sector, developing and manufacturing a range of specialized electronic systems, including fully automated test equipment, calibration systems, and electronic assemblies.

The world of medical device development is constantly evolving in terms of both complexity and functionality, demanding exceptional knowledge and skill from the engineering team. At Enertec, we have built an impeccable reputation for New Product Introduction (NPI), engineering, and product development, through to mass production and ongoing customer support and maintenance services.

As the field develops, we develop alongside it, keeping in touch with the latest breakthroughs and regulatory requirements. Our in-house team and resources stand ready to assist you with your project needs, ensuring the most durable, high-grade electronic solutions for your medical technologies.

In-House Capabilities

Our approach enables you to focus on your core medical technology while we supply a comprehensive professional package for new product development and manufacturing. Enertec is able to deliver a complete service through our extensive in-house capabilities, which include:

  • New Product Introduction (NPI): End-to-end NPI solutions, including DFx, product DMR management, production line development, design of test equipment and tools, design testing simulators, testing and validation, and more. This includes provision of all relevant technical documentation (user manuals, maintenance guidelines, etc.).
  • Project Management: Customer needs assessment, milestone and cost tracking, subcontractor management, and full management of the entire product lifecycle.
  • Engineering: Medical device design and development, including mechanical, electrical, software, and systems architecture engineering as required, as well as complete manufacturing engineering solutions for maximum quality and efficiency.
  • Process Improvement: Defining and optimizing an existing manufacturing process based on the input of our medical industry experts, including via the management and implementation of lean methodologies.

Specialist Expertise

Every step of the development and production process is handled by our team of highly proficient engineers from top medical industry OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Enertec has in-depth experience designing and manufacturing the most advanced products and solutions for the medical sector, which is reflected in our strong base of longstanding clients, including both exciting startups and established multinationals.

Our team will be on hand to update and advise you during every stage of the process, and in certain cases we can also supply qualified engineers and technicians to work at your facilities. This ensures you always have experts on hand for first-class operation, testing, and training requirements.

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