Defense & Aerospace.

Enertec is a longstanding strategic partner for the defense
and aerospace markets, including sensitive security installations

Enertec has amassed an unrivaled portfolio of technology-based solutions for mission critical applications in the defense and aerospace markets. Leveraging some three decades of experience in the development and manufacture of multipurpose turnkey systems, the company continues to add to its strong client base of industry leaders, including Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit Systems, Rafael, and many other prominent names.

Defense and aerospace are specialist sectors with especially rigorous yet diverse needs, covering such fields as ground defense, naval communications, systems for military aircraft and UAVs, and various aspects of missile defense and space systems. Enertec’s ongoing mission is to deliver the highest quality, resilient, and competitively priced solutions in these areas, always in full compliance with exacting client requirements. 

The immensely skilled Enertec team is also working to enhance and expand future capabilities in these exciting, innovative markets through collaborative innovation, development, and demonstrations – always with the greatest professional discretion and confidentiality.

In-House Capabilities

Enertec’s Defense & Aerospace Division is a center of excellence offering complete end-to-end solutions for every application, including especially large-scale and complex long-term projects. Our team has specific expertise for a wide variety of electronic systems for ground, naval, and aerospace combat, in addition to:

  • Power supply systems
  • Command & control systems / centers
  • Simulators
  • Automatic weapon testing systems
  • Missile launch systems
  • Mission computers

The Enertec approach is always to deliver a comprehensive service that frees up your own in-house resources to focus on your own core technology. Thanks to our on-site capabilities, we are able to handle extensive project management activities, including system engineering, hardware and software development, mechanical engineering, and more.

Each system is delivered in line with your highest quality standards, and in accordance with defined budgetary restrictions and timelines. In addition, all systems comply with the required international regulations, such as EMI and RFI requirements for impermeability, temperature, and shock, as well as the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). 

Specialist Expertise

Enertec’s world-class technology is developed and produced by world-class engineers, who have extensive experience in serving the defense and aerospace markets. This enables us to not only replicate the exacting standards of market leaders, but also create innovative solutions within this constantly evolving sector.

In addition to performing full integration, testing, installation, and training services, our team provides ongoing support over the long term. This takes the form of user and maintenance manuals, regular servicing and upgrades, and technical assistance. In some cases we are also able to supply engineers and technicians with the necessary skillset to work at your location.

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