About Enertec..

Enertec Systems is a strategic partner to the world’s leading defense and medical companies, developing dedicated electronic systems for a range of advanced applications.

Founded in 1995, Enertec has built a decades-long reputation as Israel’s largest private developer and manufacturer of specialist systems, serving market leaders around the globe.

Enertec independently executes complex large-scale projects from design through ongoing customer support, leveraging impressive in-house capabilities and taking full responsibility for the entire product lifecycle. In doing so, the company is able to supply products  that meet or exceed clients’ quality standards allowing clients across all verticals to focus exclusively on their core capabilites, confident that Enertec’s experts will deliver complementary systems on time and on budget.

As a proven strategic partner, Enertec continues to pursue growth in core markets that demand specialist products and services, areas where Enertec offers clear competitive advantages. This vision that has made Enertec the preferred choice for discerning clients everywhere.


Project Management

End-to-end turnkey solutions covering the complete product lifecycle.

In-House Production

Advanced manufacturing capabilities, including qualifications testing, QA, and more.

Design & Development

Uniting cutting-edge technology with industry insights, for smooth operation and fast delivery.

Comprehensive Service

Installation, maintenance, training, upgrades, and more, in line with ongoing client needs.

Our clients.

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