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Enertec Systems Ltd.

Development and, manufacture of advanced electronic systems, test systems, simulators, and electronic systems for military applications. 

Company Profile.

Enertec Systems Ltd., founded in the 1980s, is Israel’s largest private manufacturer of specialized electronic systems for the military market. Seventy employees, most of them engineers, combine years of valuable experience in design, mechanical and electronic development, software development, manufacture, integration, and installation. Enertec’s experience and expertise sustain the company’s ability to fulfill customer requirements. Additionally, Enertec offers reputable customer support. 

Enertec independently carries out large-scale, complex projects from design through customer support taking full responsibility for all stages of development, production, and integration. Customers are supplied with technologically advanced, high-quality products featuring fast product delivery at attractive prices.

Enertec’s skilled engineers capitalize on years of accumulated expertise in development and production of electronic systems for defense industry markets. The company has successfully supplied electronic systems for a diverse range of military projects in Israel and abroad.

Areas in which Enertec develops and manufactures electronic systems
on a turnkey basis:

  • Power supplies and converters for combat aircraft, missiles,
    and mobile ground units
  • Test and simulation systems for a wide array of weapon systems 
  • Ruggedized command & control mobile equipment for various weapon systems
  • Command & control workstations for weapons systems
  • Power supplies and switching systems 
  • Mobile shelters containing varied electronic systems
  • Drivers for laser systems.


Enertec is also active as a subcontractor in the areas of electronic, mechanical, and software development, and the company produces electronic systems, functioning as a subcontractor.

Enertec markets its products to military industries in Israel and abroad. Applications of Enertec products and capabilities span a broad range:

  • Missiles of various types 
  • UAVs 
  • Electronic systems for tanks, combat aircraft, missile boats and submarines
  • Command & control systems installed in mobile shelters
  • Armaments testers for combat aircraft POSSIBLY – Munitions testers
    for combat aircraft
  • Systems installed on satellites.


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Enertec Systems Ltd
Test Engineering and Special Military Systems

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